The Worship Area

Worship Area
The Worship Area looking towards the platform

The Worship Area has a two level platform at the front and a floor which slopes down towards it. It normally seats up to 170 people downstairs and can take another 30 in the rear balcony. The side balconies are rarely used because they offer a very restricted view of the platforms but if used (perhaps with tv relay or video projection to a raised screen) could seat an extra 40 people each.

The absolute maximum capacity (if every possible seat is set out and occupied) is 200 people downstairs plus the platform party of 20-30 people, plus possibly 50 in the rear balcony, and 100 in each side balcony. We do not recommend trying to squeeze that many people in without looking at every aspect very carefully including the balcony sight lines. We would also charge extra for making the necessary preparations which would include clearing the side galleries of lighting and other equipment normally stored there.

The Worship Area has an electric piano and drums plus sound and AV systems. These are each available for use by those hiring the Worship Area for an additional charge but their use must be agreed in advance. Operators must come from a list approved by the Church or be separately agreed. Operators may need to be paid directly by the user (while the Church will recommend a fee, it will have to be agreed with the operator).

Worship Area
The Worship Area looking away from the platform

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