Our ongoing MISSION is to

"bring Christ to our community and our community to Christ"

And our VISION for 2020 is to be a

vital, growing, challenging & empowering Church

TBC logo
TBC logo
(2015-    )
Vision Icons

We want this to be a VITAL church, with signs of His life in everything we do and where everyone feels cared for and able to seek and offer prayer and support wherever they are on their journey.

We want this to be a GROWING church where people encounter Jesus and become part of God's family.

We want this to be a CHALLENGING church where everyone is enocuraged to explore their faith at every stage of their journey engaging in heartfelt and meaningful worship and prayer.

We want this to be a EMPOWERING church where everyone feels able to start new initiatives, try new things and evangelise without fear of failure.

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Our ongoing MISSION is to

"bring Christ to our community and our community to Christ"

tbc logo
TBC logo

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Vision Statement (until September 2006)

Teddington Baptist Church is a church "Growing by the river ... for the healing of the nations".

We want to be dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, devoted to each other and determined to serve our local community and to support fellow Christians.

tbc logo

Logo (until September 2006)

We were often asked about the words and imagery of the Logo and Vision Statement (see above) which we used until September 2006. You can find references to the words in this logo at two different points in the Bible.

In one, a man called Ezekiel is shown the Temple (where he worshipped God) restored from a state of devastation to its former glory. As he looks more carefully, he notices that a stream flows out from the heart of the Temple into the surrounding desert. As it flows, it turns from a stream, into a river, and eventually into a torrent. The effects of this pure water are so great that it brings life into the barren desert and turns the salt water at its mouth into fresh water. Along its banks grow trees "whose leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing". (Ezekiel 47 v.12)

Several hundred years later, a Christian believer serving out his last days in a Roman penal colony was given a similar vision. In this case he was shown a new world to follow the collapse of this one. At the heart of that new world was a River of Life, along whose banks were trees whose leaves were "for the healing of the nations." (Revelation 22 v.2)

As individuals, we want to be like the man in Psalm 1 who is commended because he is "like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither."

It is our desire that Teddington Baptist Church might be a similar source of life and healing in this riverside community.
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