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Charlotte Blyth
Nathan Blyth
Tom Chapman
Eleanor Clark
Sarah Colvin
Jack Crowther
Siobhan Crowther
Jessica Darvill
Tharanga Fernando
Emma Friel
Leicha Friel
David Hawkins
Peter Hensworth
Daniel Holden
Carylann Husher-Lord
Chris Jarvis
Zoe Kabanda

Anna King
Chris King
Helena King
Nick Maloney
Diana Mollison
Charlotte Morgan
Julie Morgan
Diana O´Connor
Alan Peckett
Kieran Peckett
Des Rock
Richard Stead
Amy Stock
Emma Wilkinson
Anna Wilson
Ed Wilson
Lauren Wood

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Believers' Baptism by Total Immersion: As our name suggests, Baptists practice the baptism of believers. The New Testament teaches that baptism is for those who have come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason we practice Believers' Baptism - that is baptism of those who profess a real faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour. And consequently we only baptise those old enough to have a real understanding of the Christian faith - and what Christian commitment means. We baptise by total immersion because we are following the example of Jesus and the early church which baptised in this way.

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