Aerial Photograph - Centre of Teddington

Area for which we pray
Digital Data © GeoInformation Group 2000; reproduced with permission
If you use your mouse to place your cursor over different parts of the photograph and wait a moment, the names of the roads and some of the buildings will appear. Teddington Baptist Church Centre is just below the middle of the photograph. The darker shaded area is the area immediately around the church centre for which we have been praying in particular for several years.
Note: This aerial photograph was purchased from GeoInformation Group via Streetmap which offers for sale aerial photos corresponding to some of its UK maps. The original photo had a 25 cm resolution but the version reproduced above has a much lower resolution to reduce download time and for copyright reasons.
Teddington Baptist Church Centre Church Road Teddington Salvation Army Corps Church Road children's playground St Mary's and St Peter's CofE School field St Mary's and St Peter's CofE School Tearfund Latimer Road Luther Road Alice Mews Colonial House Sydney Road Church Lane Bychurch End St Peter's and St Paul's Church of England Church Barclays Bank The Causeway Broad Street Elfin Grove Elleray Road Middle Lane North Lane Tesco's Car park behind Tesco's Queens Road Livingston Teddington Memorial Hospital Hampton Road, Teddington Teddington Green (opposite Teddington Memorial Hospital) Stanley Road Fishers House Waterhouse Court Traherne Lodge Knaggs House Keeling House Oval Court Walpole Place Barrons Court Masons Arms (pub) Sutherland Grove Stuart Grove Walpole Road Boucher Close Walpole Crescent Gresham House Gresham House Railway bridge (High Street, Teddington) Railway line Railway line Public conveniences (toilets) - closed Informer House Park Road, Teddington Ceanda Advertising The Park (café, bar, restaurant, hotel) High Street, Teddington Waldegrave Road British Maritime Technology (1 Waldegrave Road) Pizza Express Meadow Cottages Hamon House Hearns Specialised Joinery Ltd (was Job's Dairy) Haymarket Publishing Butterworth Laboratory Ian Williams (Builder) Central Garage Paint Research Association Teddington Library Disability Action and Advice Centre Elmfield House Elmfield House Green Teddington Business Park